Creating the sound effects for a skate-park sized pinball machine was a bit too much fun. Players triggered events and scored points as they hit ramps, rail slides, completed combo's etc.

I found two of Auckland's pinball kingpins, Clive Pedersen and Phil Hannon, who let me record a whole lot of games from their collections.



I modified my two Korg Monotrons a while ago so that I could fire MIDI in to them and sequence things. They have in-built speakers which brought a certain carbon-dated vibe to the scoreboard effects. Here are some of the clean, unmodified versions.




In a lot of games there is usually an omniscient voice that pipes up when you complete combos, score a bonus or make mistakes, and for these I needed to convert the dude yelling in the booth (Aaron) in to Thor


'Making Of' video directed by Jae Morrison

Agency : ColensoBBDO
Creatives : Victoria Daltrey, William Bingham
Executive Creative Director : Nick Worthington
Producer : Rob Linkhorn